Photos provided by OAR

By Barbara L. Morgenstern, Esq.

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ohio — No matter if a cat is your pet, a stray, hangs out in a barn or is among those free spirits we call “feral,” the feline population here can get important medical services at no cost in 2016.

For a cat to be spayed or neutered and to receive the rabies vaccine, all free, sponsors advise:little-girl-with-kitten

    • Whoever brings in a cat must have a valid Hamilton County address.
    • Book an appointment by calling 513-871-0185.

The year-long, Hamilton County, Ohio, program is an effort to decrease cat euthanasia at the county’s animal shelter because of overpopulation.

The surgery and vaccine can be provided at two clinics, the Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) in Madisonville or the United Coalition for Animals (UCAN) in Camp Washington.

The Joanie Bernard Foundation, a trust that funds groups that work to help save cats in the Greater Cincinnati area, is funding the one-year program, in a joint venture with the SPCA Cincinnati and OAR.

The program is an effort “to decrease the intake and euthanasia rate at the SPCA,” according to OAR.

“OAR and the SPCA have been working, since 2013, to increase the number of cats finding ‘live outcomes’ (adoption, release) at the the SPCA.

This has included a project to fix and release feral cats brought to the SPCA, and to have more “no-ill” rescues pull cats from the SPCA for their own group to adopt out.

We hope, with this effort, to remove any hurdles families might face to fixing their cats, in an effort to control the cat population and end shelter euthanasia of healthy cats in our country.”