Barbara L. Morgenstern, Esq.
Publisher, Queen City Pets

Welcome to QueenCityPets®, a news website for the Greater Cincinnati pet community.

Our aim is to highlight the vast array of local pet heroes; research medical advances for our pets; update readers on animal law–and provide pet news on everything in between. serves pet lovers who want the best, most up-to-date local information.

I was born a pet lover.  As a little girl I sneaked home a puppy from a litter across the street, named her Peppy, and fed her milk from my dolly’s baby bottle.  My parents could not say “no,” and Peppy became a member of the family for some 19 years.

Years later, as editor of my law school newspaper, I started the wildly popular “Pet Corner” feature, publishing photos of law students’ pets, and taking pause from the utter seriousness of the law school experience.  I have adopted three Australian shepherds.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We welcome your feedback and hope to provide valuable information and to share lots of laughs. Animals have saved me in so many ways.  I extend my heartfelt best wishes to you and yours.