Tie me kangaroo down, Sport!

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Cincinnati pet lover Scot Krumbein feeds “joeys” in Australia during his recent semester abroad. Congratulations to Scot on his graduation from Indiana University with a degree in biology. He is a 2011 graduate of Wyoming, Ohio, High School.

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Kangaroos travel together in a “mob” that ranges from 10 to more than 100 kangaroos. If there is more than one male in a mob, they compete for dominance by boxing. Source:howstuffworks.com and livescience.com.

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Barbara Morgenstern

Barbara was born a pet lover. As a little girl she sneaked home a puppy from a litter across the street, named her Peppy, and fed her milk from her dolly’s baby bottle. Her parents could not say no, and Peppy became a member of the family for some 19 years.

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